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These are found pinned up in many places accross Avalon, Montain, Eisen etc. 

"We the Red Jester remind you all that we live by the merit of man.

The great lords and ladies may attempt to tell you that they run the world by the Great Cog or the personal powers that they wield, the guilds may tell you that they control the world by hard work, the church may claim that they are finding the secrets of the creator.... as they gather the wealth they use to build their golden halls.

They lie.

There is only merit. Captain Grey, by his own hand has raised himself above Goverments or church with his fort in the great sea.

Rise up people of Lorian! Throw down your shackles!

In the next 6 months we will be blowing up goverment institutions! We will dismantle the chains of human indignity!

Onwards Anarchy!"

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Many of the posters around the docks and quayes Avalonia are seen torn to ruins and dicarded in the gutter and replaced with srawlings of many patriotic phrases such such as "long live the queen!"

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A number of posters go up mostly in the areas the posters are (or were). In fancy letters it states the following:

150 Gold Reward!

Wanted Alive

for the confirmed Live capture of the political terrorist know as the Red Jester who has threatened to blow up government buildings and destabilise the lives of the good peace loving citizens. To be delivered to the Anchor military authoritie representatives stationed on 'The Fort' in the Great Sea.


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