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Ignoring the deranged screams and sobs coming from behind the iron doors that lined the dank dark stone corridor, a porter made his way to the heart of the asylum building, to the office of Francis Stein. Entering to find the doctor staring with an irritated expression out of the window, his arms soaked up to the shoulder in still drying blood, he quickly placed down the thick stack of post before leaving hurriedly. At the very top of the pile lay a small envelope whose contents, in neat delicate letters, read thus. To Doctor F.N Stein I hope this letter reaches you in a timely fashion, as I am writing to you to propose a small matter of business that is however, of great importance to me. We have never met, but I am very familiar with your work and character from my employer, rumours of the unspeakable and unsavoury acts that happen behind your asylum walls have not stayed in jeager and I have come to the conclusion you are the very person I may need. I wish to purchase one of your inmates, an unsavoury proposal but not one I believe your above, should the money be right. However I have several stipulations regarding this deal and said inmate that MUST be complied with if the deal is to go ahead. Firstly there are several criteria that must be met in regards to the inmate. 1- inmate must be female. 2- must be someone who would not be missed if they were to disappear. 3- inmate must be completely physically healthy (mental health unimportant) with no ongoing or potential future health problems. 4- inmate should be ideally a young woman, physically capable and at least marginally fair of face. Should the correct and appropriate inmate be chosen there are a few more requirements I shall need met. 1- after purchase the inmate remains in your facility. Segregated from the rest of the asylum in a private room to avoid her coming into harm from your other inmates. 2- she must be well fed, washed, deloused and defleaed. 3- she must be kept in a healthy condition, undergoing semi regular medical examinations. 4- every few months I will visit to check on the inmate and make sure she is being kept to my specifications. 5- this entire arrangement, including any communication between us is to be kept completely secret. This is of the utmost importance. I am aware these are a lot of demands, but should you choose to accept my offer I'm sure we can come to some monetary recompense you find a good enough reason to follow my requests (not to mention a small monthly fee to pay for her better food and accommodation). I hope to hear your reply soon. Missy.
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