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FAQ Live Action Role Play

 What is Live Action Role Playing? It is the act of playing a role, either of your own creation within the worlds limitations or given to you for the good of the plot. You physically interact with everything from traps, to people, deciding how you want to deal with each twist of the plot as it appears (or being proactive if you wish), sometimes there is conflict that leads to physical combat which is handled safely with padded props specially made for the purpose.

Out particular system uses a series of skills to pad out what the character can and can't do which are sometimes represented by pulling a bead from a bag provided for you to see how well your character completes the task. The plots are ongoing and things you do at one event may effect the plot for years to come. 


How do events work? There are two groups, one is called the players and they are folk who have chosen there characters, backgrounds, skills, equipment etc. they are the driving force of the event, the main characters of the story. The other is the crew, dedicated "cast of thousands" who do all the background admin, play the roles needed to continue the story and help make the event run smoothly.

Will I need a script? No, the events aren't scripted, as such, there are a group called "The Crew" who fulfill all the roles that a story needs to work, from important story characters to second spear man on the left combatants. The players however, are free to move around the event as they please.    

Will I be hit? Quite possibly, but everyone is trained to pull their blows and specific padded equipment is used. This is a contact event, even if we make preparations to mark you as a non-combative, as the event is not scripted in anyway, the combat can range all over the place with arrows and other safe projectiles being used, there is always a chance you can be struck.

How long do events last? A day will last from approximately 10am to 5pm and we do not formally stop for lunch, a weekend event usually goes from the Friday Evening until Mid afternoon Sunday.

 What Will I Need? Sturdy boots, water, snacks and/or lunch are sensible for day events. If you have a costume that is useful but if you wear neutral coloured clothes without visible logos we can lend you the costume you need. For weekend events it's a bit more involved, if camping a tent will be needed as well as sleeping bag etc. wash kit, towels, change of clothes and food for the event.

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